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    PR video

    In order to create an exciting future in a connected co-creation society with many partners who share a common vision, we will transmit to the world the uniqueness of DENSO and the value of DENSO's existence.


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    "DENSO EcoVision 2025" What DENSO Can Do for the Future of the Earth

    PR video

    What can DENSO do for the earth as a supplier of parts to cars around the world? There are 10 action plans undertaken by DENSO to achieve 1/2 energy efficiency, twice clean efficiency, and twice green efficiency by 2025.


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    Enrich your life with QR code, Enrich your life with our technologies

    Technology video

    "QR Code" (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is a matrix barcode invented in 1994 by DENSO WAVE. Its purpose was to track manufacturing; it was designed to allow high-speed component scanning. But now, QR codes are used in a much broader context, such as payment, flight check-in and so on.
    Enrich your life with QR code, Enrich your life with our technologies.

    The QR Journey

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    DENSO Company advertisement "DENSO World"


    You might wonder what this world is like. Well, it’s overflowing with energy. It’s inhabited by minuscule beings known as the Denmaru-zoku, who combine their abilities to serve the people riding in the car, and society in general. Can you see them? Well, now that you’ve discovered their world, why not make a visit? Let’s take a look at the wonderful world deep inside your car.

    DENSO World Special website

    DENSO World Discovery TV commercial

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    DENSO Cheering Song - Run On, Go Beyond

    PR video

    DENSO's cheering song for everyone who is trying to make a better future. All performers, including singers, in the video are DENSO associates.

    DENSO Cheering Song - Run On, Go Beyond

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    What does "DENSO" do?

    PR video

    DENSO is a company that makes technologies essential to cars. Don't think the car technology has anything to do with you? What if cars don't move? DENSO continues to make things that are important to everyone in the world.

    DENSO corporate movie “What’s DENSO?”

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    "Peace of mind" We want to reduce accidents especially at night. Our sensor protects parents and children.

    PR video

    We want to help people in the world go anywhere with peace of mind day or night. That's our job.

    DENSO corporate movie “Safety”

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    We equipped with the world's first heat pump. There we had responsibility for "Environment".

    PR video

    DENSO's heat-pump air conditioner technology reduces CO2 emissions by extending the distance that can be driven by electricity. We would like to pursue comfort and embrace a richer environment for the future. We will continue to think about what we can do.

    DENSO corporate movie “ Environment”

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    DENSO's Concept of Mobility as a Service

    Technology video

    DENSO's Mobility as a Service technology makes your life easier. Your car's trunk can be a delivery box and a part of a cold chain system that keeps food fresh.

    DENSO MaaS

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    The excitement of the future "Move" driven by the comfortable cabin that DENSO aims to achieve

    Technology video

    In the year 20XX, when level 4 of automatic driving is generalized, we will prove 4 types of comfort-Relax, Focus, Sleep, and Energy-that stimulate your five senses to have more comfortable time in the car.

    DENSO's Comfortable Cabin Concept

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    How to Reduce CO2 Emission?

    Technology video

    One of the causes of global warming is CO2.
    What can be done to reduce CO2 emissions on a global scale?
    DENSO considered three ways to reduce CO2 emissions from automobiles.

    How to Reduce CO2 Emission?

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    What is the DENSO Electrification?

    Technology video

    What does “electrification” mean? Will all vehicles turn become electric?
    The concept of electric vehicle is still for many greatly misunderstood. The history of electrification of cars and DENSO's technology will be explained.

    What is the DENSO Electrification?

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